True Color, a snowboard Film production

For this Winter we have three brand new collaborations. The first one we want to present is the one with True Color, a snowboard Film production and maybe something more‚¬Ä¶ We spent a couple of minutes with Alvaro Vogel, the mind behind this project. 

Tell me more about True color film, when did this production team started and what is the story behind it?
True Color Films is a Film production company currently based in Switzerland,in the heart of the Alps. It was founded three years ago by myself and my friends Nicholas Wolken and Lisa Filzmoser. After three yearsof hard work the crew has grown a lot, in form of new riders, more filmers,better equipment and higher quality videos. The Company has been working,travelling and making a name for itself all around the world: Italy, Japan,USA, Canada, Alaska, France, Germany, Norway. Along the way wehave met a lot of good riders and interesting people which helped toopen our minds and push frontiers. Truecolorfilms has developed to be areference point in the freeriding industry, because of our unique approachto filming and riding surf style in the backcountry. 
About Nipple deep , looking at the trailer I connote wait to see the full film. Why did you choose to have a Freeride /bigmountain oriented film , where did you film , who are your riders ? 
We choose to do a Freeride oriented movie because we love riding powder and believe that not every snowboarder is interested only in freestyle. The cool part about snowboarding is that there are no rules, you just need your board, some snow and the motivation to hike somewhere. You don't actually even need to have lifts and honestly there is nothing better than draw a line into the canvas of nature.We filmed in Switzerland, Italy, Austria and USA ( Oregon and Alaska). The south of the Alps got tons of snow this season so we advantage of it and went exploring some new areas.The movie will features Staphan "Mu" Maurer, David Bertschinger Karg, Lisa Filzmoser, Nicholas Wolken, Levi Luggen, Aurel Anthamatten, Alvaro Vogel and some friends. 
When and Why did you start making movies? 
We started about four years ago because we believed we could do something different, now I'm not sure if really did something different, but it seems that the people likes our work.
You not only make movies but also other video projects.. what have you done so far? 
Exactly we do our main movie but also produce clips for other brands and friends. Beside that we also help brands with Art Direction, Marketing consulting, Social media plans, Photoshooting, Boards design and more. 
What are the up and coming projects of TCF? 
Now we are editing Nipple Deep, and planning the Video premieres Tour. At the same time we are working on new concepts with some new riders that will join our crew next year...I will explain more once we have all dialed, but believe me there will be more and more videos dropping in the next months.