71171021 10 | BLACK

Natural Cant Plus

The Natural Cant Plus pad sets the new standard for comfort and performance. Its outside angle fulfills the gap between the external part of the foot and the binding, providing a perfect feeling of balance and comfort even with the widest stance. It features the Plaxmol Heel cushioning in PU to absorb shock and vibrations maximizing the dampening for high impact landings and making it more comfortable; in addition, the toe ramp delivers perfect side edge control.


Polycarbonate is a durable and highly responsive material with high impact-resistance, thus making it ideal to absorb all your jumps, even in the hardest and most electrifying conditions. It’s distinguished by its see-through characteristics, thanks to its translucent properties.

baseplate omnichrom light
highback biomap polycarbonate
ankle strap infinite
buckles Mg12
The Radar binding provides direct response with every Northwave boot combo.
  • Biomap highback
  • Bond toolless
  • Receptor
  • Toe glove


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